Casting Development Associates is a manufacturing solutions provider ready to help your team with expert design, prototyping, and production of metal castings.

Since 1976 we have represented a network of world-class casting manufacturers.

Our collaborative, hands-on approach provides numerous advantages to our customers including enhanced communication, reduced costs, increased speed to market, and improved quality.

Prototyping / Design

Your schedule is important!  Get to market quickly with parts that work for you. Tooling and samples in as little as 2 weeks.

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“V” Process Casting

Unique casting process that offers premium tolerances, fine surface finish, thin walls, zero degree draft, and excellent as cast details.

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Permanent Mold Casting

Reliably consistent parts cast using gravity, tilt pour, and low pressure processes.

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Plaster Mold Casting

Prove your design and enable modifications quickly. An excellent bridge to high-volume production processes

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Die Casting

Low cost production runs of complex shapes in aluminum, zinc, or magnesium.

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Sand Casting

Low tooling and part costs for a variety of shapes and sizes. Sand casting is the most widely used casting method.

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Investment Casting

Produce castings with complicated shapes, in ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, that would be difficult with other casting methods.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Comprehensive sheet metal fabrication includes automated processes, finishing, and turnkey assembly.

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Plastic Thermoforming

Custom thermoformed plastics using vacuum-forming, pressure-forming, or both. Full service plastic fabrication.

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