About Us

Since 1976, Casting Development Associates has ensured the successful completion and servicing of over one thousand casting projects. We represent a network of world-class foundries, while providing local and ongoing support to our customers.

We are your one-stop casting source. Castings are supplied machined, finished, and ready to assemble. We also support various supply strategies, including blanket orders, KanBan, and consignment.

Our strong relationships and 45+ years of experience in casting methods, tooling, communication, and problem solving add value to any project.

Mike M. Purchasing Manager, High Voltage Grid Equipment

Charlie is one of the few people that I have done business with over the past thirty years that has always done what he said he would do. He consistently provided problem solving ideas that kept me as a purchasing manager looking good.

Don T. Tooling Engineering Manager, Pace Cambridge Division

Charlie is our longest lasting manufacturer’s representative and has been with us for over four decades. During this time, Charlie has brought in more business than any other outside source combined. Charlie ensures that customers receive the best service possible from initial design, to tooling, manufacture, and delivery. Most importantly, he immerses himself in every project from the very beginning, and follows through with exceptional service for the life of the product.

Russ Picut President, Picut Manufacturing

Charlie’s impressive first-hand knowledge is dwarfed only by his unselfish and pragmatic approach in helping his customer make the best decision for their specific project possible… The best advice I would give any engineer or buyer of manufactured parts would be "Just call Charlie."

Chris N. Purchasing Manager

Charlie is the best kind of Manufacturers Representative a purchasing manager wants to see. He is knowledgeable about the companies he represents and does not overstate their capabilities… During design and development, he acts as problem solver and expeditor for both the manufacturer and the buyer. Once the project has been turned into a production component, he continues to be an advocate for both buyer and seller on all issues from quality to delivery schedules… I rely on him not only to make the correct recommendations for products which he handles, but also to leverage his network and point me to resources that I may not be aware of.

Steven Hogarth Former President, K&H Precision Products

Charlie is very thorough, never leaving any question unanswered. He follows quotes through and reports the decisions, positive or negative, and the reasons for them. I consider Charlie a true sales engineer, and his value is unsurpassed.

    Charlie Simmons

    Casting Specialist

    “With more than 45 years in the casting industry, I know how to solve your casting challenges and make your job easier!”

    Charlie will facilitate seamless collaboration between your team and our expert foundrymen, toolmakers, and machinists. The result is a successful project with the right method and material.

    Cooper Simmons

    Casting Specialist

    Cooper draws on CDA’s 45+ years of industry leadership to build strategic relationships and provide effective solutions involving various casting methods and materials. Cooper has solved many technical challenges for our customers using his attention to detail and can-do attitude.